The final outcome from a recent editorial design project. You had to choose a subject you were interested in and inform the reader about it. I chose the Mitford Sisters - because almost every person I’ve ever mentioned them to had no idea who they were but then went on to become just as obsessed with them as I am. I’m not going to go too much into who they were here (the wikipedia page provides a good introduction) but basically they were six sisters from an aristocratic family who all had these incredible, ridiculous, interesting lives - though not always interesting for the right reasons. Nancy Mitford you might have heard of because of her wonderful (and hilarious) novels but there was also Diana (well known fascist and wife of Oswald Mosely), Jessica (communist, investigative journalist and all-round badass), Unity (Nazi and friend/lover of Hitler), Deborah (the only Mitford still living and the current Duchess of Devonshire) and Pam (the only ‘ordinary’ sister who lived quietly and came out as lesbian later in life).

I wanted to keep the design classic and simple but with a grungy edge. When you say “1940s aristocrats” people tend to think prim; staid; boring. But with the Mitfords that couldn’t be further from the truth - they were the rebels of their day. I took cues from the punk movement and riot grrl zines, taking the prim and proper formal portraits of the girls and “vandalising” them with the bright pink paint. I think it gives it a nice streak of anarchy.

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